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McAfee LiveSafe

McAfee LiveSafe is what others could only dream of. An anti-virus programme that is exceptionally superior in terms of dealing with virus attacks, protecting from suspicious emails and preventing loss of personal data. Applicable across Operating Systems, including Windows, iOS and Android, McAfee com activate LiveSafe works on all electronic devices, such as Personal Computers, Smartphones and Tablets.

Internet surfing, nowadays is not just restricted to personal computers. With the onset of smartphones and tablets, users are accessing the net or emails on their phones and tabs as well, making these devices susceptible to virus attacks, malware, spyware and other online threats. McAfee LiveSafe has therefore built to work on phones and tabs as well in addition to Laptops and Desktops. With intelligent hacking being rampant, you can’t simply afford to install a random anti-virus software to protect your expensive data. What you need is an up-to-date, comprehensive and potent programme, which is where McAfee comes in.

The Ultimate Safety Device to Safeguard Your Personal Data

Keep your personal documents including photos safe and secure by storing all your documents on cloud. LiveSafe, true to its name ensures complete security and safety when it comes to protecting your personal documents. Surf, socialize or transact safely and confidently with the vigilant up-to-date anti-virus programme. LiveSafe also offers parenting control to keep kids safe from unwanted websites as well as other online threats. Protect your child while they are surfing or socializing by the very efficient McAfee LiveSafe Activate.

Other safety features includes:

  • Anti-Spam to block dangerous emails from hitting your inbox.
  • True-KeyTM App to eliminate the need to remember passwords, this password management feature allows True-Key to remember all your passwords.
  • Complete deletion of sensitive files to avoid misuse and fraudulent usage.
  • A comprehensive product that allows you to protect all your devices with me single subscription. No more dealing with multiple subscriptions - one mcafee LiveSafe retail card activation and you’re sorted.
  • For all kind of technical assistance, please refer to McAfee LiveSafe Support. Available at no extra cost, through online, chat or email, this highly proficient team works round the clock to resolve issues and concerns at the earliest thereby reducing significant downtime costs.

Simple Yet Comprehensive and Sturdy

Technological upgradation has resulted into intelligent virus capable of crashing down your system, hacking your identity and fraudulently using your personal data. Log onto www.mcafee.com/activate livesafe to download the latest version and protect all your devices from such malicious threats. While being fully loaded, the user interface has been kept simple and easy to ensure that users without specific technical knowledge can successfully have the same installed on their systems.

With an easy to follow step by step procedure, McAfee LiveSafe Activate is as simple as 1-2-3. Doing away with CDs, directly download the latest anti-virus programme using Retail Cards and activating the same from Mcafee.com/activate livesafe. Downloading from CD may not always be the latest version, thereby losing on significant upgrades to tackle recent virus or other malware. Hence, get your own latest version by simply downloading the Retail Card and go for instantaneous McAfee LiveSafe retail card activation. Simple to use and easy to install, protect all your devices with one single click. For McAfee mls retail card activation, follow the given guidelines and immediately enjoy the umpteen benefits of the Retail Card by logging onto www.mcafee.com/activate livesafe. Incase of any issues or concerns, the McAfee LiveSafe Support team is on constant stand by to handle and resolve any problems that may arise during downloading or installation.