Comparison Between Webroot and McAfee Antivirus Software Program

Computer viruses are enemy of your Computer’s hardrive as when they enter into your PC they do severe damage to it. They not even steal your private information and data but also disable you to access your PC. These viruses are created to disguise you and thus making unauthorised access to your computer. Viruses from ransomware to worms, Trojan horses and file infectors can come through any picture, video or file shared by your friends on social media. Therefore for the security of your computer, antivirus plays an important role.

Antivirus secures your PC from the latest threats. It not only protects your PC from these viruses but also helps to boost it up. There are plenty of choices when it comes to security of your computer and phone’s security. You can install the antivirus software suits your PC or Laptop best to prevent it from getting infected.

In this article we will compare two top rated antiviruses i.e. Webroot antivirus and McAfee antivirus:

  • Both of the antiviruses have made their place in Top Rated antivirus softwares.
  • Both of the antiviruses offer a variety of levels of protection from basic antivirus coverage for one computer to complete internet security for multiple devices.
  • Both companies offer satisfaction guarantees stating that if you are not happy with their product, you can cancel within a certain time frame and get your money back. McAfee Antivirus has a standard 30-day return policy, while Webroot gives you 70 days to try them out.
  • However Webroot is “lighter” and “fast” software compared to McAfee in terms of total file size that you have to download and amount of memory used during scans.
  • Webroot Antivirus Software takes lesser space and it takes only 6 seconds to install while McAfee takes up more storage space and runs more slowly.
  • Webroot provides excellent protection against malware and also detect ransomware. Webroot is less effective at detecting phishing websites.
  • On the other hand McAfee gives best basic protection against viruses also it is very good at protecting against phishing websites.
  • McAfee comes with its own firewall. Webroot also has a firewall component but it is different, in that it requires use of the Windows Firewall or a 3rd party firewall, so you need either the latter switched on or the latter installed.
  • McAfee is a great choice for limited internet users who just want to protect against basic threats and keep their PC virus-free. Besides general protection from virus, Webroot also provides internet security, identity protection, location of stolen devices, blocking of malware and spam among others.
  • Webroot has considerably higher customer satisfaction score than McAfee antivirus software.
  • McAfee gives prompt and reliable customer service that provides needed answers and expertise when you are in trouble relating to installing or removing any virus from your PC.
  • McAfee however has scored higher in independent test but Webroot will never disappoint you besides it offers best protection to your PC at lower cost.

Efficient Client Support Service for McAfee Antivirus Software – Making the Right Choice

McAfee Antivirus is one of the finest antivirus software available in the market today. It is more than capable enough to protect your system from all sorts of viruses and harmful programs like adware and malware in order to keep your PC or laptop safe and secure and in a functioning state. But installing and maintaining McAfee Antivirus can sometimes turn out to be a tricky affair, especially for those who are not exactly tech savvy. That is when PC users must search for proper client support so as to get help with installation and maintenance as and when required.

Most of these client support services offer the help of qualified and trained professionals, who have the skill and knowledge to help you choose a McAfee version based on your system features and requires, as well as install the version and help update and maintain the program. When you choose an efficient support service For McAfee Antivirus, there are a number of services and solutions that you can expect, of which, some have been listed below. So read on to find out more.

McAfee Technical Support for Installation

The technical experts from a McAfee client support service will help you to install the McAfee Antivirus version most suited for your desktop or laptop’s features and configuration. Once you dial the McAfee contact number for technical support, an expert will interview you about the configurations and will try to diagnose your system verbally to help you determine the most apt version of the antivirus program you need to install. The expert will also help you to analyse and diagnose your desktop or laptop hardware so that the best possible performance can be achieved from the McAfee version you install.

As said earlier, if you are not particularly tech savvy, you might need some assistance with updating your McAfee version. The technician skilled in support for activation of your McAfee Antivirus will also be able to help you with downloading the updates on a regular basis, as well as installing the downloaded file package as and when it becomes viable. Although any tech savvy friend or family member might be able to help you with updating the program, it is definitely a much smarter idea to get help from a qualified expert to avoid any and every problem.

Help with Activating the McAfee Antivirus CD Key

The client support service will also help you to activate the McAfee Antivirus CD Key or Serial number which you will receive when you buy your copy. Installing the program is not the end of it. The CD Key must be registered and activated so that you can use all the features of the antivirus program without any inhibitions. Some McAfee versions are available in the market which might work on more than one desktop or laptop. If you have chosen such a version, you will also need proper guidance pertaining to how you can activate the serial number on multiple systems.

Activating the McAfee Firewall

If you already did not know, McAfee Antivirus also comes with a firewall solution that helps to protect your system against hacking attempts as well as from advanced bots and viruses. A PC cannot hope to function properly without a functioning and fully activated firewall protecting it at all times. The client support service you talk to or work with can provide expert assistance to help you set up and activate the McAfee firewall.

External Device Security with McAfee Technical Support

Having a desktop or laptop usually means that you will be plugging in one external device or the other for copying files or your favourite movies to watch on a big screen. Often, it has been seen that external devices act as the biggest source for viruses that compromise your system’s performance. When you install McAfee, the program scans all your devices as and when they are connected. If you cannot turn the Auto Scan feature on or have no idea how to scan your external device, you can take help from an efficient client support service.

For expert help with McAfee Antivirus, give a call on +1 888-441-3990 ( Toll Free ) today and get help from the finest McAfee client support service.