Comparison Between Bitdefender and Avast Antivirus Software

Bitdefender and Avast antivirus software are the Top Rated antivirus programs for the security of your system from all the latest threats. (That can affect your computer and might damage your data and private information.) These two are the most popular antivirus programs among internet users. As malware attacking your computer slow down the speed of your computer also there is lot of information stored on your computer which can easily be tempered, both of the antivirus program provide best basic protection to your PC but can be differentiated in providing additional features in the program.

We can compare both the antivirus programs by following given points:

• Avast and Bitdefender has been quite popular as free antivirus solutions for those who don’t pay. On the other hand, for those who pay, both the companies offer compelling security products too. With a huge customer-base.

• Bitdefender comes under Top Rated anti-virus software, because of its excellent additional features which also includes ransomware protection also. Bitdefender also provides free basic protection on internet and best in class performance. Avast is best known for its providing free antivirus suite protection.

• Avast security products are available for various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone or iPad. Bitdefender security products are available for Windows, Mac and android but its major focus is on Windows PC. Also it doesn’t support iOS.

• Bitdefender is seen most rated antivirus program than Avast, not because of its additional features but its basic security protection is also excellent, as it gives ransomware and USB immunizer options.

• Bitdefender also gives Social Network Protection i.e. when you visit any social networking site and downloading any file you receive from your friends can be risky many a times which Bitdefender take cares of.

• On the other hand Avast features are less impressive than Bitdefender. Avast has sandboxing option, but it doesn’t make it compete exceptional features of Bitdenfender.

• Avast is much more functional product, unlike Bitdefender which is powered by excellent technology.

• Both Bitdefender free and Avast free version are good at detecting malwares but detection rate of Avast is much better than of Bitdefender.

• Bitdefender has Parental Control and user profile interface, which allows profile configuration, which Avast software lacks.

• Bitdefender has some other features like anti-theft with a good mobile security and privacy, it correctly identify all existing or upcoming threats. However Avast is not that impressive.

• Bitdefender antivirus plus protection includes, full protection from different malware, included password manager and Bitdefender Safepay for safe payments.

• Avast do manage scans according to your convenience. As both of the antivirus software provides a good scanning experience but Bitdefender causes minimal impact on system of performance while scanning without interrupting other programs.

• Bitdefender being installed in your computer not only gives protection suite to your PC but also helps increasing its speed, on the other hand installing Avast antivirus may slow down the speed of your Computer System.

• When you compare the performance of both the antivirus programs, you’ll find Bitdefender performance much better than Avast. Bitdefender never disappoints you in any case.

Steps to Install Antivirus Software on Your Computer

To keep viruses, malware’s away from your PC, one thing what you should do is installing antivirus software. Installing antivirus software is an easy task, which doesn’t require any special skill. Many antivirus software companies provide easy instructions to follow while installing antivirus program in your Computer. You just need to follow those instructions while downloading the software program for your computer.

Before installing antivirus software on your computer, one should know which antivirus program is good for your computer. Many companies provide free antivirus software, which you only need to download on the internet and install in a click by following the given instructions.

It is not necessary that for a good protection you’ll have to pay and therefore there are many antivirus software companies which provide best protection suite for your PC absolutely free. Some are Bitdefender, McAfee, Kaspersky and Avast which is best known for giving its free protection.

Here are the Steps to install Bit-defender antivirus software program on your Computer:

  1. Open Bit-defender free edition Page on your Computer.
  2. Click on the option to download it, this will download the software on your Computer.
  3. After downloading is successful, follow the wizard to install the software.
  4. If you’re having antivirus software already installed on your system, it will ask you to uninstall it first.
  5. Uninstall the existing software on your computer. Running both the antivirus software will not let your antivirus to do its functions properly.
  6. Accept the terms and agreements by ticking on the box. All the default settings will be done automatically.
  7. During installation process Bitdefender asks you for scan, to confirm that your system is free from threats.
  8. After it finishes its scanning and installation procedure, you’ll be asked with an option to create your Bitdefender account. Registration to you use the free service is the requirement of many antivirus programs.
  9. Create your new account and login with that, here you can manage your account. Also you are being informed all the time by Bitdefender’s team about your subscription and plans available.
  10. After all the procedure completed, an icon with ‘B’ will appear on your system tray which shows that bitdefender is running on the background of your system securing your computer all the time. Bitdefender is very light software which will not even let you know about its continuous monitoring and also doesn’t interrupt other programs on your computer system.

Bitdefender prevents you from visiting unknown sites by detecting danger, i.e. if they are prone to viruses. It is important to follow the prompts and not to avoid them while you are browsing on the internet. If your computer ever gets infected it takes necessary action by quarantine the threat automatically. There you can remove those threats available with the file component.

Bitdefender antivirus provides its user excellent features like anti-phishing; anti-spam features and secures your e-mails and personal information. It also has social-networking protection feature also which keeps you safe while you share files, photos or videos on social networking sites with your friends.

Happy Installing!